Trying to be all things to all people can only end in tears.

For this very reason, we partner with likeminded organisations to mutually enhance our ability to provide customer solutions. Once such partner is WorldLearn. Our trusted relationship allows us to develop leading edge flexible solutions to meet customers changing expectations. For further information, please visit

Throughout our facilitation network, we also have access to a very comprehensive catalogue of training, recruiting, and HR Services and products, available across a wide geographic spread. Please visit the Outsourced Facilitation section of this website for further information.


Rec Tech Solutions

Another partner whom shares our goal of finding efficiencies within an organisation, is Rec Tech Solutions. They know business success depends on efficiency and productivity. They also know this is not possible without the best systems, great user acceptance and forward thinking. And that's why they're here - to help you future-proof your business, implementing the right solutions for your specific needs. Please click on the following link to see what solutions Rec Tech have researched thoroughly and recommends to their clients.