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The problem

Our client had undertaken the challenge to create their own internal online induction system, this global giant came to Smart HR Solutions to seek advice regarding a 'real world' approach to rolling out such a project across multiple sites, and also to utilise a network of 'offsite' facilitation centres.

The Solution

Based on our solid reputation as the 'Pioneers' for online induction systems in the heavily legislated mining industry, Smart HR Solutions was engaged to rollout this major organisational change alongside the client's project team. Like any new project, Smart HR listened intently to the client's expectations and provided the best options to enable the project to be:

  • Rolled out within a limited timeframe
  • Meet strict budgetary parameters
  • Utilise limited client resources so they could focus on system and content
  • Sell and educate the new concept to the workforce
  • Provide continuity for the client's ongoing processes and procedures during the implementation

The results

The success of this project is testament to the partnership of all stakeholders, and allowing each party to focus on their projects within the overall project. This 'text book' rollout exceeded all expectations and proved to be a very positive experience for all involved.

Smart HR's main focus was to provide, train and coach the offsite facilitation of the inductions. This was done through our network of existing centres and established processes. Based on our 10 years of specialising in online induction systems with the same target audience as the client, we were also able to provide first hand feedback on the clients system. Smart HR was able to suggest immediate improvements during the development, testing and implemented stages, to eliminate foreseen issues which we have overcome ourselves in the past. This has saved the client a lot of 'trial and error' time and the attached development costs that go with it.

The scope of this project has expanded to working through such things as booking processes, invoicing/payment procedures, reporting functions, IT solutions; illustrating SmartHR's flexibility in finding various solutions for your organisations needs. 'We are not a one trick pony'.

Due to the very successful and timely rollout, the client now has a clear focus on content enhancements etc. Smart HR Solutions also managed the offsite operations on a day to day basis. Our background and client relationship has seen us become a very solid sounding board with regards to new concepts and innovations, and also costly mistakes.

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  • Client:BMA / BMC
  • Date:2012
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