• You did what in 3 months !

The problem

Leighton Contractors Mining Division in conjuction with Sonoma Coal, wanted to implement an online induction system similar to one of our existing clients also operating in the remote Collinsville area in the Queensland Bowen Basin. The brief from Leighton Contractors was simple:

  • We don't want to do site induction on site anymore, but we must have the flexibility to do so if required.
  • We still want to maintain control over the site induction, and what material is to be delivered in a single consistent manner.
  • We want to be able to produce reports from a single, central database.
  • Most importantly, we want our site personnel to undertake the tasks for which they were employed, rather than lose countless productive hours per week on preparing, delivering, assessing, recording and filing duties associated with this necessary compliance activity.

The Solution

Smart HR Solutions (SHS) listened closely to the client's requirements and made recommendations accordingly. The advice given had to meet certain essential criteria:

  • The system modifications had to present "real life" benefits. Whilst our technical solutions are based on current technologies, we are not a software company, and therefore are not interested in experimenting with other people's money to try and achieve some "pie in the sky" ideal.
  • The system must be manageable by everyday users with a range of computer literacy levels.
  • The system must represent the best "bang for buck" achievable
  • The system must be implemented in a matter of months, not years.
  • The system must be easily upgradable in line with future requirements.

The results

SHS supplied, modified and implented our fully web enabled Online Induction System into Leighton Contractors. Due to the application being Internet based and fully hosted externally, very few Leighton's resources were required to roll out the project, thereby negating the need to involve IT departments etc.

In this case, SHS also developed the training content and assessment from Leighton's base site procedure documents. SHS also setup subcontract arrangements under our management for training venues to deliver this outsourced induction function. Each venue must capture and upload certain evidence, for example, drivers licence and coal board medicals, before inductees are able to complete the induction. This effectively made each venue a gate to ensure the minimum requirements to access the site in order.

Upon completion of a very successful trial period, the publicity generated internally throughout the Leighton Contractors Mining Division saw many and varied enquiries and presentations to different sites across the business. This positive experience which deliverd all initially requested requirements, plus several bonus outcomes, lead to the decision at senior level management, that all sites in QLD, NSW and NZ must commence scoping the use of this system immediately. Further to that, in a short 3 month period, the Online Induction System was nominated, and reached finalist status in the "Leighton Contractors Safety Initiative Of The Year Award"! Because the intial system was built with company expansion in mind, the rollout process for remaining Leighton Contractor's sites will now be relatively straight forward process. Again, only limited client resources will be needed in its execution, which in turn adds even more cost savings and benefits to this success story.

"the Online Induction System was nominated, and reached finalist status in the Leighton Contractors Safety Initiative Of The Year Award"
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  • Date:2008
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